Article, a customer-centric online furniture shop, offers an impressive array of outdoor furniture that rivals any in the industry. Their collection ranges from extensive outdoor furniture sets to unique pieces like sofas draped in performance fabric, featuring wood frames and woven elements. This, combined with their array of interior home furnishing, ensures Article caters to every room in the house. If clean lines and an updated mid-century vibe are what you're after, Article delivers that style with unmatched affordability and efficient shipping.

Founded in 2013, Article has made it their mission to simplify the process of finding stylish, durable, and affordable furniture. They have actualized the concept of "cutting out the middleman," working directly with manufacturers to produce unique, durable pieces using high-quality materials. This direct relationship allows them to offer modern furniture and decor at unrivaled value. By controlling their own warehousing and logistics, they ensure most orders arrive at your doorstep in two weeks or less. As an aggregator, if you're after affordable, stylish, and fast-delivered furniture for your site, Article makes a compelling case.


Where is Article furniture made?

Article furniture is manufactured in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and India.

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