Chairish, an esteemed online platform renowned for its collection of antique and vintage furniture, offers design enthusiasts a unique browsing experience similar to a treasure hunt. Serving as a digital marketplace for over 12,000 vendors, Chairish curates millions of items which are carefully scrutinized by their in-house team of experts before being listed for sale. This furniture site offers a meticulously organized catalogue, allowing shoppers to navigate through vintage finds by style, section, and price.

Recognized as the ultimate destination for the design world, Chairish is lauded by interior designers and tastemakers for its eclectic range of rare vintage, antique, and contemporary pieces. They refresh their inventory daily with more than 2,000 expertly edited items, ensuring a unique shopping experience for millions of visitors each month. Awarded as Newsweek's "Best Online Shop" of 2021 and the recipient of the USA Today Reader's Choice Award for "Best Place to Shop Online for Furniture and Home Decor," Chairish stands out for its commitment to sustainability and support for small businesses.

Their platform not only connects thousands of small businesses, artists, and makers with design lovers worldwide but also actively promotes a greener shopping experience. With 85% of their inventory comprising vintage items, Chairish has successfully kept over 734,148 gently used items in circulation, thus contributing significantly to a more circular and sustainable economy. Whether it's a space-age lamp, a lavish tiger print rug, a velvety sofa, or a rare art book, every purchase from Chairish extends the life of unique items and supports the vision of a greener, more sustainable world.

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