Feather, launched in 2017, revolutionizes the furniture industry by offering high-quality, sustainable, and affordable furniture that's adapted to the modern, transient lifestyle. With city renters moving approximately every 1-2 years, furniture needs to adapt to evolving tastes, fluctuating budgets, and changing living arrangements. Feather has observed that the prevalent pattern of resorting to cheap, short-lived furniture results in around 20 billion pounds of furniture waste annually, leading to unsustainability.

Feather is transforming this trend with its responsible approach towards furniture centered around rental, reuse, and refurbishment. The furniture provided by Feather ensures there's no compromise on affordability, quality, or sustainability. Feather's vision extends beyond just furniture rental—it's creating a circular approach that allows a new generation of renters to create cherished homes amidst life's constant motion.

Feather's furniture is built to withstand everyday life, ensuring durability, resilience, and longevity. Incorporating performance fabrics and a component part design system, Feather's pieces are easy to clean and refurbish, promoting reuse and reducing landfill waste. Feather also takes the responsibility of cleaning and refurbishing their furniture very seriously, using non-toxic agents and thorough processes to ensure every reused item is in top condition. Their commitment to a better future is evident in their carbon-neutral deliveries and active support of reforestation efforts in partnership with Pachama®, emphasizing their drive towards becoming a truly circular business.

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