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Roda, a leading name in outdoor furniture, envisions a world where people can enjoy the pleasures of life in harmony with nature, surrounded by beautiful, comfortable, and durable furnishings. Their collections create inviting spaces that encompass a sense of happiness and well-being, allowing nature to serve as the perfect backdrop for hospitality and gratification. With Roda, a new era of outdoor living begins, as indoor and outdoor spaces merge seamlessly with a harmonious design language, blurring the lines between the two in a spatial and conceptual continuum.

The design philosophy at Roda is grounded in the belief that outdoor design projects should have the same importance and impact as interior ones, crafting spaces with colors, materials, and shapes that elevate the value of spontaneous open-air living. Their sophisticated and sensitive approach to design transcends the boundary between indoors and outdoors, ensuring that gardens, terraces, and porches are furnished with the same care and attention as interior spaces. Roda's furniture is not merely placed outside but is intimately connected to its environment, with colors and materials that adapt and change, striving for a unique and unrepeatable symbiosis with nature.

The Mediterranean flavor, characterized by warmth, naturalness, and balance, permeates Roda's furniture, as it showcases shapes, colors, and materials that harmoniously reinvent themselves in different settings. Each piece in the collection is distinct, yet part of a cohesive design concept, and crafted with quality, durability, and attention to detail in mind. Roda's outdoor furniture employs materials such as solid teak, natural stones, stainless steel, and woven belts, which acquire an authentic and experienced character influenced by various weather conditions. Versatility is a cornerstone of Roda's design, as their furniture effortlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor environments, adapts to any setting, and can be combined with other pieces to create spaces that truly reflect the owner's personality.

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