The Inside

The Inside is a unique home furnishings brand that reimagines the process of interior design. They provide an all-encompassing solution for those seeking to either start from scratch or reinvent their living spaces. The Inside expertly curates entire sets of furniture for every room based on your style preferences and needs. Taking their style quiz, which spans just one minute, helps to personalize selections that align perfectly with the customer's aesthetic. The ease of this process makes assembling a room look like it's straight out of a home design magazine.

Differentiating itself from traditional furniture companies, The Inside follows an innovative model where furniture is made to order, and delivered within weeks rather than months. Customers choose a furniture silhouette, select from a wide range of fabrics, and then The Inside crafts and ships the pieces directly to their doorstep. Founded in 2018 and acquired by Havenly, the largest online interior design service in 2021, The Inside shares a mission to make home design accessible and personalized for everyone.

The Inside continually expands its product offerings to cater to all design styles. Their unique approach includes exclusive partnerships with heritage design brands like Scalamandré and Old World Weavers, enhancing their collection's breadth and appeal. The Inside's goal extends beyond delivering chic home furnishings to customers; they aspire to make the world more beautiful than they found it. Their philosophy encapsulates the joy of decorating, offering more design for more value, and serving as a shortcut to a chic home for every style and budget.

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