Two young entrepreneurs started VidaXL in 2006 with the online sale of products on a small scale on different platforms. This proved to be a great success. During this period of massive growth, they also created our own brand and started producing our own vidaXL branded products. VidaXL's success is in the sourcing of products and offering these products at competitive prices. They continuously look for new cost-reducing measures, without compromising on quality or sustainability.

VidaXL do market research and find out what kind of products are in high demand. Once that’s determined, they negotiate with factories that produce these produces, after which they purchase them in bulk - directly from the source. Because of this process the customer pay a very reasonable price for our products.

VidaXL also have their own factory where they produce several types of chipboard furniture.

VidaXL's goal is to offer products for in and around the house at competitive prices. They aim to make all these products accessible to as many customers as possible.

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