7th Avenue

7th Avenue is an innovative direct-to-consumer furniture brand that has successfully designed a functional luxury sofa that addresses the pain points of purchasing a sofa while offering style, functionality, and affordability. Launched in 2022, the company's founders, Billy Shaw and Josh Stinson, spent ten months designing, prototyping, and developing the 7th Avenue sofa. They have dubbed it "The World's Greatest Modular Sofa" due to its combination of style, modularity, eco-friendliness, stain and water-resistance, and machine-washable slipcovers, all at an accessible price.

The 7th Avenue sofa is endlessly modular and can be rearranged into various L and U-shaped configurations. This adaptability allows customers to easily change the sofa's size and layout to suit their needs without having to purchase an entirely new sofa, promoting brand loyalty and reducing furniture waste. The sofa's durability is unmatched, with slipcovers that are easily spot-cleaned, machine-washed, or dry-cleaned. The company uses non-toxic DWR coating technology for stain resistance, and the upholstery is OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring it is free from harmful chemicals.

7th Avenue's unique business model focuses on perfecting one product rather than expanding its product line. This approach allows the company to streamline its supply chain, optimize lead times, and offer durable, water-repellent, stain-resistant, and machine-washable fabric options. Showrooms are by appointment only, giving customers personalized attention and the opportunity to experience the product's features firsthand. With five showrooms currently in operation, 7th Avenue anticipates a 200% year-to-year revenue growth in 2023 and plans to open eight to ten additional showrooms across the United States.

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