Amsterdam Modern

Amsterdam Modern is a renowned furniture store specializing in mid-century modern design furniture, lighting, and household items. Sourced from various locations across Holland, their inventory is shipped directly from Amsterdam to their expansive 10,000 square feet warehouse in the Hi-Fi district, near Downtown Los Angeles, California. Catering to a diverse clientele, Amsterdam Modern serves trade professionals, decorators, film productions, collectors, dealers, retail stores, and the general public, shipping their unique products around the world.

It is essential to note that Amsterdam Modern takes pride in offering vintage items, with most of them sold in their original condition to maintain authenticity and charm. This approach highlights the historical character of each piece, making them truly unique and valuable additions to any furniture collection. Customers should be aware that all sales are final, and each piece comes with a history that contributes to its distinct appeal. With a vast selection of mid-century modern furniture and accessories, Amsterdam Modern is the ideal destination for those looking to add a touch of vintage sophistication to their living spaces.

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