Apt Deco

AptDeco stands as a distinguished online marketplace for high-quality, pre-owned furniture, with an impressive collection of pieces from leading brands such as West Elm and Herman Miller. They offer these items at a fraction of their original price, making it an affordable option for those seeking well-crafted vintage furniture. Unlike many other vintage furniture stores, AptDeco's unique selling proposition includes providing returns, ensuring customer satisfaction in their shopping experience.

AptDeco, a game-changer in the furniture marketplace, was established with the vision of simplifying the process of buying and selling furniture online. The idea emerged from the founders' own experience of the challenges faced in online furniture transactions, such as scams, delivery issues, and uncomfortable meetings. Reham Fagiri and Kalam Dennis initiated AptDeco after observing that including delivery in a furniture sale made the transaction significantly faster and more manageable. Born in New York City in 2014, AptDeco has since expanded its operations, bringing its unique and user-friendly platform to the West Coast and additional locations in the Northeast, with plans for more expansions in the future.

AptDeco is not just about facilitating seamless furniture transactions, but it's also deeply committed to sustainability. The platform is designed to reduce the staggering 12 million tons of furniture that end up in landfills each year by promoting the sale and purchase of pre-owned furniture. Shopping with AptDeco means contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle by breathing new life into pre-loved furniture and thereby lessening the environmental impact. As part of their mission, AptDeco aims to make shopping for secondhand furniture everyone's first choice, enabling customers to furnish their homes while also making a positive impact on the planet.

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