Four hands

Four Hands is a furniture brand driven by their philosophy that there is no end to what furniture can do for a space. With a profound curiosity and love for creative experimentation, they are committed to more than just designing and discovering furniture; they furnish style. Their relentless global exploration keeps them connected to the world's diverse cultures, experiences, and materials, shaping their products and decorating styles. Four Hands is known for merging their travel-inspired influences into a wide range of styles, offering exceptional furniture that can transform any living space.

The design process at Four Hands is characterized by constant tinkering and experimentation. By taking elements they love and finding ways to tweak, rearrange, and reinvent them, they achieve refined, classic, yet innovative and cool designs. This approach allows them to mix inspiration with expertise, juxtapose materials and styles, and ultimately create finished pieces that elevate the aesthetics of any space.

At the core of Four Hands' values is their commitment to building strong relationships, whether it be with consumers, designers, or retailers. They believe in sharing information, offering honest insight, and providing guidance through their artfully curated showrooms and design-focused sales staff. Each piece they create tells a story that involves collaboration and a personal creative connection, resulting in a furniture collection that is both unique and transformative for any living environment.

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