Known for its vibrant and playful aesthetics, Hem is a standout name in the furniture industry, providing a wide range of products that effortlessly enhance both small and large spaces. The brand showcases a captivating mix of couches, shelves, poufs, dining chairs, tables, and storage solutions, all designed with an unmistakable personality that makes them instant conversation starters. A hub for design enthusiasts, Hem proudly hosts both emerging and established designers, signifying its status as a progressive design brand.

Hem's commitment to quality is uncompromising and profound, promising "contract grade" products that can withstand the rigorous demands of commercial settings like restaurants and hotels. The brand collaborates with top-notch designers and esteemed European manufacturers to offer progressive, high-quality designs. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and experimentation, Hem aims to enrich lives through great design and seeks to inspire the creative community.

Furthermore, Hem's business model reflects its forward-thinking approach. It maintains direct contact with its clients, providing an efficient, enjoyable experience. The brand's premium furniture products signify Hem's vision to lead the industry forward, sparking creative discourse and inspiring designers worldwide. The brand prides itself on its unique, aesthetically pleasing creations that feature outstanding material tactility and quality construction, all aimed to enhance people's lives. With its focus on designing for tomorrow's auction houses, Hem assures lasting, iconic designs that its customers keep coming back for. At Hem, the quest for quality, inclusivity, teamwork, and fun in design never ends.


Where is Hem furniture made?

Hem furniture is made in Europe.

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