Icon by Design

Icon by Design, a father-and-son-founded furniture brand, is on a mission to deliver high-quality contemporary furniture that perfectly suits a modern, relaxed lifestyle. The company's focused approach to design, craftsmanship, value, and service has been meticulously planned to ensure a simple and satisfying furniture shopping experience online. The Icon by Design team collaborates closely with skilled artisans, creating furniture pieces that transform a house into a home, enduring the test of time.

An essential characteristic of Icon by Design's business model is its commitment to cutting out the middlemen. The company doesn't collaborate with corporate brands or distributors, allowing them to provide furniture made from solid American wood, as opposed to veneer, without any additional markups. Moreover, they offer a pre-order service where customers can save 20%, passing on the savings made on warehousing and storage straight back to the customer.

The brand's commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice of materials and the production process. They utilize solid wood because of its durability and longevity, ensuring less damage from wear and tear compared to veneered furniture. Importantly, all their wood is sourced from American forests that practice sustainable forestry. This includes sustainable harvesting, ecosystem restoration, consistent environmental monitoring, and respecting the land rights of indigenous peoples. Their sustainable approach doesn't end with sourcing; their solid wood furniture also acts as a carbon storage, contributing positively to the environment by retaining carbon. Icon by Design steadfastly stands against the trend of cheap, disposable veneer furniture, choosing instead to uphold quality, sustainability, and a heritage of furniture craftsmanship.

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