Industry West

Industry West, an esteemed platform for fans of industrial design, showcases a variety of furniture pieces that embody quality and character. From ribbed leather sofas to stone-topped side tables and leggy floor lamps, their offerings provide high-quality staples ideal for creating a comfortable and stylish living environment. Like the name suggests, Industry West is renowned for curating a selection of modern, industrial-style pieces that emphasize black metals, warm leathers, and cozy fabrics, reminiscent of upscale hotel lobby furnishings.

Every piece in Industry West's collection comes with a unique story, differentiating it from conventional Direct-to-Customer narratives. Whether inspired by a spontaneous trip to Italy, a conversation with a stranger, or a connection made through a friend, each item has a tale to tell. This global approach to furniture sourcing not only helps them find the best materials but also connects a global community. By bringing its eclectic, global-minded work to everyone, everywhere, Industry West has positioned itself as a key player in the furniture industry.

Consistently emphasizing quality, Industry West uses the best materials and collaborates with skilled craftspeople to create their products. As part of their commitment to enriching community spaces, they also donate furniture monthly to spaces in need, ensuring their stories are shared in the process. With a transparent approach to their process, from mood boards to delivery, Industry West provides insight into their operations, highlighting the "why" and "how" behind all their offerings. Those seeking to splurge on premium, story-rich, industrial-style furniture will find Industry West an ideal destination.


Where is Industry West furniture made?

Industry West furniture is manufactured facilities in China

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