Inside Weather

Inside Weather is a unique and affordable furniture site that puts customization at the heart of its business. Offering a variety of core designs, Inside Weather elevates the customization game by allowing customers to mix and match endless textile options. Notably, the designs offer the flexibility of adding side tables and arms, or leaving them out, and even choosing which side of the furniture to position them. This results in a multitude of bespoke options, providing a plethora of beautiful choices for the discerning customer.

Each piece of furniture at Inside Weather, from armchairs to dining tables, is customizable to the finest detail, including specific fabric or wood finishes. Despite this high degree of personalization, Inside Weather manages to maintain very reasonable price points. The brand's furniture arrives flat-pack style, echoing the convenience of companies like Ikea, but with the added advantage of easy assembly. Inside Weather claims that customers can assemble its furniture in about five minutes, eliminating the frustration typically associated with complex assembly manuals. This blend of customization, affordability, and convenience sets Inside Weather apart in the online furniture market.

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