Based in Queens, New York, Lichen is a burgeoning hotspot for those seeking uniquely crafted, Japanese-influenced furniture pieces at reasonable prices. Co-founded by Edward Be and Jared Blake, the brand showcases its passion for design through every item, from in-house pieces to a curated selection of trinkets and accessories from smaller brands, and vintage pieces including those from renowned designers like Eames. All furniture pieces are meticulously handcrafted at their New York workshop, signifying a deep-rooted commitment to quality and local craftsmanship. Although currently only serving the New York area, Lichen offers curbside delivery for customers, bringing the convenience of shopping right to their doorstep.

Lichen, established in 2017, stands as a design incubator, fusing elements of furniture, spatial design, and innovative perspectives on how we interact with these aspects. The brand name, "Lichen", signifies a symbiotic relationship between multiple organisms working, living, and evolving in harmony, embodying their unique approach to design. Lichen continually pushes the boundaries of interior design by collecting, re-contextualizing, and formulating fresh insights on design, all the while nurturing a supportive community. Beyond just selling furniture, Lichen contributes to shaping the landscape of modern interior design. Their fusion of modern aesthetics, functionality, and sustainable approach makes them an appealing choice for furniture seekers.

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