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Mantle Furniture prides itself on custom-building every piece in their North Carolina workshop, creating furniture designed to fit beautifully and comfortably into daily life. The company offers an exquisite collection of modular sectionals, sofas, tables, ottomans, and more, with each piece tailored to serve as the centerpiece of the home. Additionally, Mantle offers free design consultations, domestically made furniture from the Carolinas, and a white glove delivery service, further elevating their customer experience.

For more than 60 years, the Parker family has carried on the tradition of handcrafting furniture, making Mantle a brand with roots deeply embedded in North Carolina's history. As one of the few families still operating their own facilities, the Parkers, along with their dedicated craftspeople, take pride in upholding a legacy of quality. They infuse every piece they create with their home and heritage, viewing each customer as a new chapter in the story connecting their history with the customers' future.

Unlike other online furniture brands, Mantle's unique value proposition lies in their direct-to-consumer model, whereby they build and ship their products straight from their family-owned workshop. This process eliminates middlemen, markups, and quality compromises, thereby offering fair prices on locally handcrafted pieces. The Carolina Piedmont, known for its quality furniture making since the 1850s, serves as the backdrop for Mantle's operations, allowing the third-generation makers to continue the tradition of producing high-quality furniture the right way. They firmly believe in the importance of every detail, which contributes to the integrity, longevity, and enjoyment of their furniture.


Where is Mantle furniture made?

Mantle Furniture is made in Maiden, North Carolina. The family-owned business has been handcrafting furniture in the area for over 60 years.

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