Burke Decor

Founded in 2007 by Erin E. Burke, Burke Decor emerged from a unique situation when she found it difficult to source decor, building materials, plumbing, and lighting fixtures for a commercial project in post-Katrina New Orleans. She turned to the internet and saw an opportunity for a home decor business that could provide high-quality, stylish design to people residing outside of major metropolitan areas.

Guided by a team of designers and resourceful style-makers, Burke Decor is inspired by artfulness and excellent design. Their belief is that every home, environment, and travel experience can be beautiful. They work industriously to source aesthetically exceptional products across a variety of decorative genres, becoming a trusted source for savvy, style-conscious shoppers, homeowners, professional designers, and hospitality firms. Selling home furnishings in the digital world, Burke Decor provides the tools to create an ideal space without the need to leave it.

Burke Decor stands out by offering design elements full of personality, from soft boucle fabrics and brightly colored, tightly woven ottomans to elegant couches on ornate wood frames, and structural plant boxes. Their selection is not confined to a single design aesthetic. Instead, it provides a space for integrating unexpected color pops or textures. So, whether you're seeking modern furniture or eclectic pieces, Burke Decor is a site where you may find a piece of furniture that captivates your interest and enhances your space.


Where is Burke Decor furniture made?

Based on the delivery time, Burke Decor furniture is very likely produced overseas

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