Masaya is a unique furniture brand deeply rooted in sustainability and artisan craftsmanship. Founded by Aram, following his Peace Corps assignment in Nicaragua, and Michael Terry, Masaya is an outcome of their ambition to build a business that is environmentally and socially sustainable. The brand was born from witnessing the negative effects of unsustainable forestry practices and deciding to take an action-oriented approach towards reforestation.

Initially, the founders focused on developing tree farms on deforested cow pastures, creating a space for Maderas Sostenibles, their production facility in Managua. The goal was to fabricate furniture and wood products that continuously capture carbon, integrating sustainability into everyday lives through their range of modern furniture. MasayaCo's offerings are more than just furniture; they are a testament to the brand's commitment to the environment and their mission of reforestation, with over a million trees planted to date.

In 2014, Aram joined forces with American artist Justin Terry and Nicaraguan designer Abril Zepeda, leading to an infusion of elevated uniqueness in the furniture they produce. Inspired by the artisanal nature of Masaya and the rich cultural and natural bounty of Nicaragua, each of Masaya's furniture designs is handmade from renewable solid wood. This mix of sustainable practices, combined with artistic and cultural influences, makes Masaya a standout choice for eco-conscious customers seeking stylish, modern furniture.

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