Modernica, a family-owned and operated furniture company, has been proudly crafting each piece of furniture by hand at its five-acre campus in Los Angeles for 30 years. Renowned for reviving the almost lost art of high-pressure fiberglass molding, Modernica has preserved the original techniques and equipment used in the production of thousands of chairs across three generations. Their dedication to authenticity is evident in their commitment to adhering to the original tactile qualities, texture, and characteristics unique to the fiberglass shell chair.

In addition to their expertise in fiberglass, Modernica also boasts a world-class upholstery and woodshop at their Los Angeles campus. Upholding the gold standard for comfort, their upholstery is produced entirely in-house using traditional construction methods, offering customers a wide range of fabric choices to suit individual style and needs. Furthermore, Modernica's Case Study Ceramics® series, inspired by the post-WW2 era of architecture and home furnishings, showcases high-fired, hand-made ceramics shaped using a jiggering tool and finished on a potter's wheel. By offering a diverse range of customizable furniture options, Modernica caters to furniture enthusiasts looking for unique, high-quality, and authentically crafted pieces made in California.

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