NOOM, a rapidly growing design company based in Ukraine, specializes in the production of furniture, lighting, decor, and home accessories. Their sculptural and eye-catching designs seamlessly blend art and function, elevating both residential and commercial interiors. Founded in 2017 by industrial designer Kateryna Sokolova and designer-entrepreneur Arkadii Vartanov, NOOM is dedicated to bringing together exceptional design, materials, and craftsmanship.

The NOOM team focuses on utilizing both traditional and modern manufacturing technologies to create functional, striking, and long-lasting products. By managing the entire production process, they ensure exceptional attention to detail in each piece, striking a balance between design, art, and craftsmanship. NOOM also offers bespoke design solutions for architects, including custom-made furniture, lighting, accent installations, and decorative wall panels crafted from noble metals. Additionally, their in-house chemical specialist works on oxidation and patina on metals, creating unique effects and colors for their limited-edition products. This innovative approach to design and quality sets NOOM apart as a top choice for those seeking extraordinary furniture and decor.

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