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OKA started small, with three women bringing unique designs from around the world to shoppers in the UK. Lady Annabel Astor, a serial entrepreneur on a mission to find special items with which to decorate her vacation home, invited two friends along—her sister-in-law Sue Jones, and Lucinda Waterhouse. Together they set out to create a catalogue of charming home upgrades.

From the start, the OKA team has called on talented artisans from all over the world to bring its ideas to life. Their furniture and homewares prioritize beauty, comfort and style, but they choose items for their integrity, not because they fit a prescribed look. The magic of OKA is the mix: hand-picked global treasures, rich textures and patterns, and timeless furniture profiles. It’s ever-changing but unwaveringly British; elegant and easy-going; sophisticated but never stiff.

Building on over two decades of collections, 14 experiential stores in the UK and two in the US (with more on the way), a website and an ideas-packed magazine, they've become a destination for lovers of home, season after season. 

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