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OKA is a distinguished furniture brand that celebrates a love for living well. This British-born brand, founded by three women, including serial entrepreneur Lady Annabel Astor, infuses their unique design perspectives into each piece of furniture and home accessory. Through the combination of their diverse backgrounds, OKA has created an eclectic blend of handpicked global treasures, rich textures, and timeless furniture, all embodying the quintessentially British aesthetic that is elegant, easy-going, and sophisticated.

From its humble beginnings, OKA has grown over two decades into a popular destination for home decor lovers. Its name, a phonetic interpretation of "ochre", symbolizes a harmonious blend of Eastern and British influences, highlighting the brand's commitment to cultural diversity in design. The heart of OKA’s design process is travel and exploration, which is woven into every product. Guided by Co-Founder and Creative Director Sue Jones, the design team finds inspiration from all corners of the earth, resulting in a collection that is as rich and diverse as the places they visit.

With a current portfolio that includes 13 experiential stores in the UK, three in the US, a comprehensive website, and an inspiring magazine, OKA remains a hub for premium quality and design excellence. From introducing a collection of home fragrances to launching their first stores in the US and opening a premium handmade-to-order seating service, OKA consistently offers innovative products and services to its customers. As the brand continues to expand, it stays true to its mission of making time spent with friends and family more memorable, truly embodying the essence of living beautifully.

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