Condos has been synonymous with blacksmith craftsmanship since 1976. Based in Sydney, the Condos family workshop has been handcrafting furniture for generations. Driven by their passion for design, detail, and architecture, Harrison and Nicholas grew their father's company, Tecno Furniture, by adding an export arm known as Harbour 1976. This legacy of intricate metalwork and craftsmanship has been carefully passed down through the generations, leading to the creation of unique indoor and outdoor furniture that boasts incredible durability and a deep sense of culture derived from Australia's harsh climate.

The fusion of traditional and modern elements in their designs is often attributed to the brothers' Australian roots. Their designs are inspired by the country's modern beach houses, which seamlessly blend into the rugged coastline and showcase the beauty of expert welding techniques. Harbour's furniture pieces are built to withstand various climates, using materials such as powder-coated aluminum and mildew-resistant upholstery. Embodying a legacy of durability, culture, and unique design, Harbour invites customers to step outside and enjoy the great outdoors with their exquisite furniture collection.

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