TOV Furniture, co-founded and led by Chaya Krinsky, has carved a niche for itself in the furniture industry with its affordable yet stylish offerings. Identified eight years ago by Chaya and her husband Bruce, the gap in the market for modern, feminine furniture and home decor that is economically accessible was skillfully filled by TOV. The brand's furniture pieces stand out for their bold, playful, and luxuriously approachable character. Chaya's understanding of the female consumer, alongside her continuous engagement with the latest design trends, keeps TOV at the forefront of innovation and style.

Operating with factories globally, TOV is constantly influenced by worldwide trends and artisanal talents discovered during their travels. They actively seek out female artisans, contributing to their mission of supporting female-led creativity and leading to some of their best-selling pieces. The TOV brand takes pride in bringing their customers' dream homes to life, offering well-made, trendsetting furniture at unbeatable value. With a distinctive approach and commitment to their own unique style, TOV successfully elevates any space with their furniture, delivering on affordability, quality, and contemporary design.

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