What WE Make

What WE Make, a family-owned furniture business, has been crafting handmade furniture for over 15 years. Established in 2013, the company focuses on using reclaimed wood and sustainably sourced hardwoods, along with non-toxic, VOC-free, and low-VOC finishes. Their mission is to minimize the environmental impact of their products, reduce the toxins typically associated with furniture, and create durable pieces that can be passed down through generations. These values continue to guide every decision made within the company.

Sustainability is at the core of What WE Make's philosophy. They produce high-quality furniture from materials such as sustainably sourced hardwoods, reclaimed barn wood, and non-toxic, VOC-free, plant-based finishes. Each piece is designed with the belief that furniture can be long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and functional for everyday use. The company's commitment to sustainability sets them apart in an industry in need of change.

In addition to crafting sustainable furniture, What WE Make is dedicated to reducing its overall environmental footprint. The company continually strives to decrease waste, lower energy consumption, and minimize the use of non-reusable packing materials. By choosing to purchase from What WE Make, customers can be confident that they are supporting a business that values environmental responsibility and is actively working towards a more sustainable future in the furniture industry.

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