A+R is an internationally renowned store specializing in modern furnishings, lighting, and décor for private and trade clients. With a history of supporting and launching high-profile names in the modern design marketplace, founders Andy Griffith and Rose Apodaca bring their editorial backgrounds in film and journalism to the world of furniture. They have a passion for discovering and sharing innovative design ideas and narratives behind each item, designer, and brand, making A+R a top destination for those seeking aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

The A+R showroom, located at ROW in downtown Los Angeles, is a welcoming space that offers an edited collection of the best new designs from around the world. A+R’s unique offerings, including a salon series moderated by Rose, attract a diverse and talented team of design enthusiasts, architects, and interior designers. The store is committed to providing excellent customer service and maintains independence to swiftly and directly address clients' needs.

A+R's offerings are not limited to its showroom in LA; the online store features a wide range of products from over 80 brands, as well as The Edit, a magalog that highlights their latest discoveries and adventures. By providing an exceptional selection of modern furniture, lighting, and décor, A+R has become a leading resource for those looking to furnish their homes, commercial spaces, or hospitality projects with stylish and innovative designs.

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