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Ballast Designs, a distinguished furniture site, is known for its fine arts, traditional craft, and experimental practices. Designer Gary Dillon skillfully combines shape and texture to create exquisite furniture and lighting objects. With an extensive background in fabrication, sculpture, and mixed media, Dillon collaborates with regional artists and utilizes handmade components and textiles to craft unique, heritage-quality pieces.

At Ballast Designs, various materials are employed to produce exceptional furniture items. Wood, handpicked from East Coast regional sawmills, is treated with custom finishes developed by Gary Dillon to highlight its natural qualities. Metal, including brass, bronze, and steel, is skillfully forged by Dillon, who has over 15 years of experience in machining, welding, foundry work, and flame forming. These metals are shaped into strong lines and unique silhouettes with artisanal finishes. The company also works closely with a community of glass artists to produce custom components, using techniques such as free form blowing, mold blowing, and kiln slumping.

Textiles and leather play a significant role in Ballast Designs' furniture offerings. Vegetable-tanned leather is carefully sourced, precision cut, dyed, and sealed with a rubbed beeswax finish. A range of textiles is available for their built-to-order furniture, and Ballast Designs is willing to work with clients to incorporate custom fabrics into their pieces. Drawing from jewelry-making techniques, the company employs artisan work, hand-carved wax, and molten metal for precise, handmade quality, ensuring an outstanding collection of furniture and lighting objects.

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