Eternity Modern

Eternity Modern, established in 2005, is a globally recognized furniture retailer known for its emphasis on high-quality, well-designed furniture. With their headquarters in Vancouver, and warehouses and distribution centers spread across the world, they have demonstrated their belief that well-considered design enhances lives and remains appreciated for generations. Their design ethos and international presence make them a prime destination for those in search of distinct and durable furniture.

Initially starting as a traditional furniture supplier that catered to brick-and-mortar retailers, Eternity Modern pivoted towards a direct-to-customer business model in 2016. This shift allowed them to remove middlemen and emphasize high-quality offerings, thereby ensuring their customers receive the best value. They've forged partnerships with manufacturers in China and Vietnam, specialized in upholstered furniture, wooden furniture, and metal components respectively.

Through Eternity Modern's online platform, customers can conveniently browse and purchase top-notch pieces directly, ensuring they have access to exceptional design wherever they are. The brand's commitment to quality and direct-to-consumer strategy makes Eternity Modern a key player in the online furniture retail space, catering to the needs of discerning customers who appreciate thoughtfully designed, lasting furniture.

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