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FAINA, established in 2014, is a renowned collection of furniture, lighting, and décor that represents modern Ukrainian design while embracing the country's rich cultural heritage. The studio, guided by its live design philosophy, creates spaces deeply connected to nature, encouraging guests to feel and experience the design rather than just observe it. FAINA releases its collections biannually, coinciding with the Winter and Summer solstices, marking days of natural renewal.

In 2018, the brand launched the unique "Land Inspires" design expedition to draw attention to Ukraine's diverse cultural heritage. Yakusha Design, the studio behind FAINA, gained international recognition in 2019 when its interior design was selected as one of the top five office designs in the world by the Dezeen Awards. The same year, the studio's founder Victoria Yakusha was named Designer of the Year by the ELLE Decoration Design Award. In 2019, Yakusha Design expanded its global presence by opening a residential showroom for FAINA in Brussels, Belgium. The studio now works on both private and commercial projects worldwide, focusing on live design and a sustainable approach.

Victoria Yakusha, the founder of YAKUSHA and FAINA, is an influential cultural heritage architect and a global ambassador of Ukrainian design. As an architect, she pioneered the concept of "live minimalism," an architectural and design movement that combines simplicity with eco-friendly materials and practices. Through promoting live ethnics and artisanship, Victoria initiated design expeditions to showcase Ukrainian artisans' work to artists around the world and help spread their ideas globally. Her dedication to creating heritage through design continues to shape contemporary Ukrainian design and leaves a lasting cultural impact for future generations.

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