Fyrn, a premium furniture company, combines the age-old principles of woodworking with cutting-edge techniques, crafting timeless, elegant, and durable pieces that perfectly fit into any setting. Their ethos rests on the intersection of traditional craft and modern innovation, believing that the manner of creation is just as significant as the product itself. Fyrn's products manifest the beauty and warmth of North American Hardwoods, enhanced by the strength of metal, a testament to their commitment to using premium materials.

The story of Fyrn traces back to the Hitchcock Chair Company, established in 1818, which innovatively pioneered the mass production of chairs using interchangeable parts. Ros, a co-founder of Fyrn and a fourth-generation woodworker, witnessed the challenges of the furniture industry firsthand. These experiences led him to devise inventive ways to scale high-end craftsmanship while addressing systemic issues in the furniture world. The outcome was the development of a unique parts-and-pieces system known as Stemn, fostering operational efficiency and circularity in furniture production.

Fyrn's designs, revered by top architects, designers, and restaurateurs worldwide, adorn many beautiful homes, art galleries, restaurants, and wineries across the country. All their furniture pieces are manufactured in the United States by their dedicated team. A testament to their confidence in the quality of their furniture is the provision of a 10-year warranty, inclusive of labor, on all Fyrn products. While the range of furniture options from Fyrn might be limited, each item promises exquisite craftsmanship, durability, and an impressive 10-year warranty.

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