GUBI is a global design house that brings together timeless modern icons and today's creative talents, offering a daring and ever-evolving collection of design brilliance. With a focus on the beauty of history and the excitement of contemporary design, GUBI curates an extraordinary range of furniture, lighting, and interior objects that blend functionality with meaning, enhancing any living space.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, GUBI not only rediscovers and reintroduces lost treasures of design history but also collaborates with a handpicked global roster of visionary design studios to create the icons of tomorrow. With more than 100 employees internationally, GUBI works closely with specialist manufacturers worldwide to share its collection with design aficionados through its website and retail partners. Inspired by the past and always looking to the future, GUBI crafts and shares stories that resonate with design lovers around the world, evoking memorable moments to treasure.

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