For nearly 40 years, Knoll has strived to design and manufacture products for the workplace and our homes that adhere to the highest sustainability standards. ​Knoll is committed to developing solutions that impact sustainable growth by conserving our natural resources; developing energy efficient processes; and diverting waste generated from operations and products.

Their most essential environmentalism is simply anti-obsolescence. Thrie products are designed to endure, both physically and stylistically. Things that work are things you keep—They want your Knoll furniture to be shared with future generations and be enjoyed for years to come. Not end up in a landfill.​

Knoll furniture are unique. They have a clean and minimalist and will resist the passage of time. Like most designer their furniture come with a higher price tag but if they are in your budget then you should def consider them!


Where is Knoll furniture made?

Know furniture is manufactured in North America: East Greenville, Pennsylvania; Grand Rapids and Muskegon, Michigan; and Toronto, Ontario. In addition, They have plants in Italy.

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