Herman Miller

Herman Miller doesn't only do office chair!

Herman Miller is a pioneer in design, and we continue to usher in new ways of living and working, just as we’ve done repeatedly for the past 110-plus years. The ergonomic office, green building, authentic design, lean manufacturing, American modernism itself: Herman Miller—and the designers we work with—had a hand in shaping it all.

When the problems you’re solving are meaningful to people, and the solutions you propose are honest, that’s a recipe for timelessness. At Herman Miller, their products, whether they debuted in the 1940s or last week, are designed to suit people’s needs. That’s why, decades after their introductions, our biggest successes—products like the Eames Aluminum Group, Aeron Chair, Nelson Bedroom Collection, Noguchi Table, and more—retain their relevance and their value, even years after their purchase.

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