Born out of a shared passion for good design among four family members, Kardiel stands as a brand committed to modernism from all eras. The family, Debbie, Jason, Brando, and John, have a distinct borderline-obsession for the design influences of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. They beautifully blend these influences with contemporary modern and Scandinavian furniture designs to create a unique mix. In addition to their original creations, Kardiel also remanufactures iconic, mid-century modern furniture pieces occasionally.

The Kardiel team collaborates daily with talented furniture designers, each piece steeped in history, purpose, and meaning. They work closely with hand-selected factories known for their small-scale production to bring their unique designs to life. Ensuring comfort and affordability, Kardiel's creations are clever, hand-built, and budget-friendly. They excel in creating modernist reproductions that complement their newly designed modern furniture. When replicating original mid-century designs, they deeply respect the original materials used, studying them, and implementing them wherever practical.

A significant aspect of Kardiel's process includes creating digital renderings of their original designs, making adjustments as necessary, and building physical samples to ensure perfect proportions and comfort. They prioritize environmental responsibility and the health of their consumers, using natural oils and waxes to dye their leathers, avoiding paints and polymers. Their foam meets fire retardant requirements without the need for added chemicals. Most of their upholstered and wood furniture is manufactured at two separate facilities located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with their solid frames' wood imported from Australia. The fabrics used by Kardiel are sourced from various international textile design firms, and their leather comes from both local sources and a tannery just outside Milan, Italy.

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