Sossego, deriving its name from a Portuguese word signifying an easygoing, blissful lifestyle, is a furniture site specialized in providing a taste of the Brazilian way of life through their products. Their award-winning Brazilian designers craft unique and hand-made furniture, lighting, and art pieces designed to bring the essence of 'sossego' into every home. As a brand, Sossego stands out for its commitment to sustainability. They use only sustainably harvested wood in their products, adhering to rigorous environmental standards.

Unlike traditional e-commerce furniture platforms, Sossego takes a bespoke approach to customer service, requiring potential buyers to request a quote for their sought-after pieces. This tailored service complements the luxurious appeal of their unique, hand-crafted furniture, catering to customers who value exclusivity and quality. For those with a budget that extends to the acquisition of exceptional pieces, Sossego offers an array of remarkable, one-of-a-kind furniture to consider. In addition to their commitment to quality and design, Sossego contributes positively to the environment. For each piece of furniture sold, they fund the planting of a tree in Brazil, further emphasizing their dedication to sustainable practices.

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