Holly Hunt

Prices:High End

For nearly four decades, Holly Hunt has been a leading voice in modern luxury interiors, providing exquisite furniture, exceptional showroom experiences, and unwavering service to both residential and commercial design communities. The brand strongly believes that well-designed spaces can enhance one's life experience, and that the quality of materials and craftsmanship should never be compromised. By supplying clients with the tools and resources needed to create stunning environments, HOLLY HUNT delivers the ultimate reward for those seeking modern luxury furniture.

Since its founding in 1983, Holly Hunt has remained dedicated to its founder's vision of continuously seeking inspiration and pushing the boundaries of design. The brand pioneered a new style of luxury interiors, favoring a more elegant and modern aesthetic. Today, HOLLY HUNT's product portfolio, design partnerships, and represented collections continue to set the standard for refined luxury. As the brand grows, it carefully stewards iconic modern brands, such as Vladimir Kagan furniture designs and ASSEMBLAGE bespoke wallcoverings. Holly Hunt also curates a diverse array of design voices through partnerships with visionary designers, focusing on quality and timeless designs that transcend trends. Each Holly Hunt showroom features their own designs as well as represented collections from various designers, artists, and artisans, all reflecting the brand's commitment to design, quality, and service.

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