Johnathan Adler


Jonathan Adler, a renowned potter, designer, and author, founded his namesake brand to pursue his passion for pottery. The brand started gaining traction in 1993 when Barneys purchased his collection of pots, eventually leading to the opening of his first store in Soho in 1998. Today, Jonathan Adler has evolved into a full-scale design company with retail locations worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, a vast portfolio of residential and commercial projects, and a global wholesale business.

Focused on creating modern American glamour, the company strives to design luxurious yet livable interiors with a lighthearted touch. Born in a small town in New Jersey, Jonathan Adler discovered his love for pottery at a summer camp in 1978. He spent his teenage years honing his craft and later studied semiotics and art history at Brown University while devoting his time to pottery at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Overcoming the discouragement of a professor who suggested a career in law, Adler persevered in his pursuit of pottery, ultimately transforming his passion into a successful design brand recognized across the furniture and interior design industry.

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