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Khayni, a unique furniture store with roots in Africa, offers a blend of raw, earthy aesthetics inspired by the African continent and the sleek, elegant lines of modern design. The founders, born in South Africa, have a deep connection to nature and aim to bring the calming, nurturing qualities of the African bush into homes through their carefully curated collections. With a focus on creating a sanctuary in your home, Khayni provides contemporary interiors that are rich in meaning and soul.

The store features a diverse selection of quality-driven products for every corner of your home, including timeless pieces crafted by local and global artisans. With an emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing, Khayni collaborates with established African buyer and trading networks to support the social and economic conditions of the artisans' communities. Each piece in their collection is designed to provide high-quality, long-lasting home furnishings that will elevate any living space.

In addition to their curated collection, Khayni offers an exclusive line of "Made by Khayni" products that focus on exceptional craftsmanship and sustainable materials. These collections ensure that customers invest in pieces that will age beautifully over time. By working with artisans who combine modern and traditional techniques, Khayni delivers a natural finish that aligns with their signature aesthetic and style.

Khayni's mission is to celebrate the beauty of the natural world, promote local and traditional craftsmanship, and make these carefully curated pieces accessible for everyone to enjoy. Embracing a natural, laid-back lifestyle, Khayni transforms houses into homes that promote tranquility, grounding, and connection with nature.

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