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Lujo, a furniture brand established in 2007, is dedicated to designing relaxation-inspired furniture, providing moments of tranquility in the midst of life's chaos. Their refined collection of casual furniture perfectly balances form and function, offering sophisticated yet comfortable pieces for everyday living. Lujo's unique approach to furniture design elevates relaxation to the next level, with pieces that can be found in beautiful homes, luxury resorts, and corporate office spaces worldwide.

The passionate team of designers, craftspeople, and artisans at Lujo focus on quality, comfort, and durability in their creations. Eschewing mass-produced furniture, they design and produce their products locally in New Zealand, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and workmanship. Lujo's outdoor furniture is designed to handle harsh environments and is crafted using marine and commercial-grade fabrics, 316 stainless steel components, enduring hardwoods, powder-coated aluminum, reticulated outdoor foams, and UV resistant stitching. Their indoor bean bags are made from commercial-grade fabrics suitable for high-use environments and residential spaces.

Lujo believes in the philosophy of "buy once, buy right." Their commitment to using best-in-market materials and components, combined with local production, results in premium products that stand the test of time. While this approach may come with a price premium, Lujo's furniture offers customers years of enjoyment, outlasting cheaper alternatives and making a lasting impression in the world of luxury furniture.

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