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Orior, a family-owned furniture company established in 1979, is rooted in the dynamic collaboration between designers and furniture makers. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design and Irish heritage, founders Brian and Rosie McGuigan built the business on a foundation of commitment, hard work, trust, and loyalty. Today, their son Ciaran McGuigan serves as the Creative Director, continuing to expand and evolve the company based on the principles set forth by his parents.

Skilled craftsmanship and precise attention to detail are at the core of Orior's creations. Each piece is carefully crafted and customized to meet the needs of their clients, ensuring both functionality and exceptional design. The company's Irish heritage plays a significant role in shaping their furniture's unique character, with traditional Irish furniture making principles being infused with new passion and ideas at their workshop in Ireland. Orior's strong relationships with purveyors of fabrics, hides, and marble allow them to source high-quality materials from select fabric mills and tanneries across Europe.

Orior's furniture stands out due to its successful balance of form and function. Timeless design and long-lasting comfort are at the heart of their creations, resulting in elegant, functional, and durable products. Their designers and makers work closely together, using fabrics and finishes creatively while experimenting with new colors and reimagining elegant shapes. This approach enables Orior to effectively blend traditional and contemporary styles in furniture of exceptional quality, ensuring that beautifully designed furniture is also highly functional.

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