MOUS, founded by Tanner Moussa and Mackenzie Lewis, is a furniture brand specializing in functional art pieces crafted by highly skilled craftsmen. As third-generation furniture designers, the Moussa siblings have grown up immersed in the family trade and developed a passion for art, architecture, and craft. Their unique style transcends trends and combines old-world techniques with modern living, resulting in a diverse range of case goods, seating, and objects that showcase hand-finished, hand-stitched, and hand-glazed intricate details. MOUS brings the connection of family, a wealth of experience, and the joy of true discovery to the world of furniture design.

Tanner Moussa, one of the founders of MOUS, draws inspiration from architecture and the ways culture and design intertwine. With a strong background in the design industry and business, Tanner has traveled the world to visit artisans first-hand and learn about their craftsmanship. His designs often stem from material processes, such as wood carving and glass molding, which he combines with his refined eye to create innovative and impeccably crafted pieces. Mackenzie Lewis, the other founder of MOUS, focuses on conceptualizing functional pieces with a unique blend of inspiration. Her background in Fine Arts and industry experience allows her to develop and refine textures, finishes, and colors that balance functionality and evoke emotion. By staying connected to the designs through each phase, she cultivates warm relationships with artisans, fostering an environment for innovative and truly artful work.

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