Wescover, a distinctive platform for those seeking unique and thoughtfully crafted items, provides an avenue to directly support and connect with independent artists and designers. They specialize in providing customers with original designs, which are a blend of art, furniture, decor, and more. A large number of pieces on Wescover are ready-to-ship, while others offer the exciting possibility of customization or collaborative creation, facilitating a personalized interaction between customers and creators.

Born out of a desire to connect design enthusiasts with original creators, Wescover began as a design map to credit artists, designers, and craftsmen whose work adorned various spaces but were hard to discover among big brand names online. As the design map expanded, so did Wescover's community, transforming the platform into a vibrant marketplace that champions independent creators worldwide.

Wescover stands out as a marketplace that not only curates unique, hard-to-find items but also celebrates the individuality of each piece, focusing on the artisan's originality. It provides a unique opportunity to discover local artisans and commission an original piece or request custom features. The platform has proven to be an invaluable resource for sourcing unique items for various design projects, connecting artists and customers in a meaningful and personal shopping experience.

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